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Wild Bill Spotley is the owner of the "Spot Mart" discount chain in the Gruteley county. He appears in the episode "Southern Fried Cruella", where Cruella attempts to trick him into signing a contract, which would allow her to build factories all around the Dearly Farm.


Wild Bill Spotley's looks and mannerisms seem to suggest that he originates from Texas. He appears to be a friendly figure, who loves Dalmatians (a prime reason on why Cruella uses the Dearly Farm in her scheme). However, if there's one thing he can't abide, it's phonies.

He first appears when the pups are watching an advertisement for "Spot Mart" on television, where he shows to own a rather large pig named Spotty, whom he claims to be his dog.

Cruella intends to trick him into thinking she's a "country gal" by inviting him over to the Dearly Farm for him to sign a contract. If her plan works, Spot Mart will sell her "Bumpkin Wear" for the simple folk, allowing her to build factories all around the Dearly Farm.

Spotley arrives on the farm in a red pickup truck, where Cruella introduces herself as "Cruella May", offering him some pork grinds and showing him around the farm.

She then invites him inside for lunch, himself unaware that Cruella has ordered out all the food. However, thanks to Rolly eating all the food, Cruella has to cook the food herself. She asks Bill how she feels about eggs, to which he claims to love them fried in butter with a glass of fresh milk (still warm) and with his favorite side order: bacon (explaining that, "There ain't nothing prettier than the sight of a sweet little gal butchering a hog."). When Cruella asks what animal lays bacon, Spotley simply assumes that she's joking.

When Cruella attempts to get the ingredients, Cadpig leads Spotley to show Cruella's real personality and then showing him a model of her factories around the farm.

Disgusted by this plan for the farm (which would also destroy the country side around it), Spotley storms off with Cruella chasing after him, insisting she can do real.




Storyboard of Cadpig and Wild Bill Spotley.