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Hi, I'm 101DalmatiansWiki and I'm a fan of the 101 Dalmatians Franchise. I know, my username stinks eh? Well, everyone has different usernames so mind your own business. Just Kidding... Moving on.

Some might ask "are you a little old for 101 Dalmatians?" Well, yes I am. I'm a 17 yr. old college boy for pete's sake. So what's my point? It doesn't matter how old you are for what matters is you enjoy being into it.

I'm also a green day fan. Their music ROCKS!!!

And lastly, I recently became a Snivy fan. All that pride, her smug and that look on her face which tells you that "I'm awesome as hell..." Whooo, She ROCKS, DUDE!!! "Am I a little to old to be into a pokemon character or pokemon in general?" Well, like I said, people have their different interests... Some are into this, some into that, and like I said, it does not matter how old you are for what's important is that you're enjoying what are you into.

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--Domino 101DalmatiansWikiLittle Dipper by CharmingWolfNikki (msg) 09:06, May 29, 2012 (UTC)

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101 Dalmatians II "Try Again" (Fan Made) Music Video

101 Dalmatians II "Try Again" (Fan Made) Music Video

101 Dalmatians II "You're The One" (Fan-Made) Music Video

101 Dalmatians II "You're The One" (Fan-Made) Music Video

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