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101 Dalmatians Animated Storybook Sing-A-Long (Up the Stair Music Video)

"Up the Stair" is a song from the 101 Dalmatians: Animated Storybook PC game. It is sung by the puppies as they are trying to escape from De Vil Manor.


Up the stair, look out! Beware!
There's danger lurking everywhere
This house is very dark and scary
Creepy and erratic
From the basement to the attic

As we're looking for the pups
who are lost and hiding
Up in the rooms on the floors above
Down the hall, by the west wing wall
In the pitch black dark
As we listen for the bark

Of puppies hiding in bathrooms, bedrooms
Kitchen, closets, pantry, too
Carpet's old and the rooms are cold
The air is musty, hinges rusty

Cobwebs up on the crumbling ceilings
Animal heads up on the walls
Rats are shireking, floors are creaking
Be prepared 'cause I'm deathly scared

As you wander down these empty hallways
Looking for the Dalmatian pups
Got no clue where we all went to
In this great big place full of empty space
We're all about, so let's come out
And get out of this spooky, creepy place!