Two Faces of Anita

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"Two Faces of Anita" is the eighteenth episode of 101 Dalmatians: The Series.


When Anita wins the Designer of the Year award, Cruella is determined to steal it, so she devises a plan which involves disguising herself as Anita.


  • The title seems to be an homage to The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll.
  • When Lucky suggests the Dalmatians sneak in Anita's case, the bowtie he is wearing turns into his collar, but when the Dalmatians get in the case, his bowtie is back.
  • When discussing with Mr. Puffin, Cruella comments that "[She]'ll have to make him an offer he cannot refuse." This is a likely homage to the Marlon Brando film The Godfather, which also has a similar line.
  • When Cadpig notes that Cruella is up to something, Lucky's collar is blue.
  • This episode seems to suggest that this is the first time that the Dalmatians use Spot's beak as a lock pick.
  • The doughnut store where the police notice Anita in Cruella's car is called "McDoughnut", a likely homage to the McDonald's chain.
  • Ben Stein makes an appearance in this episode as the waiter who comments on Roger using his braces with Lucky and Cadpig.
  • When Cruella notices her Anita face melting, she yells, "I'm melting, I'M MELTING!", similar to the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz.
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