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Tre novita per i cuccioli (Three News for the Puppies) is a 101 Dalmatians storybook, published in the Italian Disney Magazine "Minnie and Company"; Issue 78, in 1999.


Anita agrees to look after a trio of kittens while one of her friends is away. The Dalmatians befriend the kittens and begin to cause a mess around the house.


When having tea, a friend of Anita's, Louise, explains that she'll be away due to work-related matters, and so asks if she can look after her three kittens, Missy, Lissy and Sissy. Anita agrees to this, finding the three kittens sweet, and assuring Louise that they'll be able to be good friends with the Dalmatians.

Like Anita claims, the Dalmatians seem to befriend the kittens fairly quickly, and Perdita suggests the pups and the kittens play together. The puppies and kittens make their way into the kitchen, where they begin playing in the flour. Perdita comes in and sees the mess being made. The Dalmatians and Kittens then play in the fireplace, where they get covered in soot, and then walk on top of Roger's music sheets. Pongo and Roger arrive, wondering what the noise is all about, before being surprised about the mess the puppies and kittens caused.

Roger admits that he is having difficulty in writing his next song. The Dalmatians and kittens then begin walking on the piano keys, which inspires Roger, and he starts playing some more music with the Dalmatians and kittens.