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Thunderbolt's Fans are female dog characters from 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure. They are very obsessed devotees of Thunderbolt.


The first dog out of the three is a poodle with white-grayish fur. She has a blue bow, and a blue collar with diamonds.

The second dog has brunette dog ears and bangs that resemble her hair. She has brown fur, a purple headband, and blue collar.

The third dog has light brown fur. She has a pink bow, green eyes, and yellow heavy coat of fur around her neck.


101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure[]

They are first seen calling out for Thunderbolt at the barking contest. Lil' Lightning thinks, they are calling for him, but they tell him they're trying to look at and want Thunderbolt. The three female dog fans get so excited that they swoon.

When Thunderbolt says, "They're here to get a big eyeful of...HERO!", the three female dog fans grow so overjoyed that they scream excitedly and are driven so wild that they have to be dragged away by security.

They are later seen outside Thunderbolt's trailer, asking him if he can give them a smile just one more time, swooning again when Thunderbolt does so.

Later, Lil' Lightning overhears two of the three female dog fans in discussion about how Thunderbolt is planning to rescue the Dalmatian puppies.