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"The Maltese Chicken" is the forty-first episode of 101 Dalmatians: The Series.


A parody of The Maltese Falcon with Spot in the title role as detective "Pullet Marlow." Her mom, Corneila, lays a giant egg, which Dumpling sees as a threat to her winning streak at the "best big farm thing contest." Meanwhile, Lucy, showing her hatred of decibels, gets framed for stealing the egg.


  • The episode title is based on the Humphrey Bogart film The Maltese Falcon.
  • The detective show that the Dalmatians watch has a detective who looks and acts like Bogart himself.
  • The chickens describe Cornelia's egg to be the largest one in chicken history. Despite the fact that Cornelia laid a larger one in "Walk a Mile in My Tracks", and even then, Spot considers that egg to be small for her too.
  • At first, when Dumpling overhears about Cornelia's big egg and makes her comment, "Who cares?" is not part of it, but when Lucky reveals this in a flashback, she does say it. He is probably misremembering.
  • In this episode, Cruella is innocent and is also shown to wear her fur coat.
  • Rolly is curious about the little piece of fat in the pork 'n' beans like he is in "Splishing and Splashing", though Dumpling claims it to be her uncle.
  • Cadpig claims her agent's name is Sandy.
  • Rolly claims Spot's middle name to be "Irma" in this episode.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Spot as "Pullet Marlow".
  • A scene from this episode is later used in "The Making of..." as one of the pilots for 101 Dalmatians: The Series.