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Season 1, Episode Short 5
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Ransom Pups

"Muddy Pups" is the fifth 101 Dalmatian Street short.


Dylan & Dawkins are making modifications to the Food Machine, and are doing some Target practice with it. Dawkins fires the Kibble, and it lands in the Bowl, but as Dawkins celebrates, Dylan points out that not all of the Kibble went in to the Bowl.

This leads to Dawkins making some modifications to the Food Machine, and trying again, but he misses again. Dawkins does more work on the Machine, as well as setting up a target, and tries again, but Dylan now nudges the Bowl, so Dawkins misses again.

Angered by what Dylan did, Dawkins begins to launch Kibble at Dylan. Dylan is then able to get the Food Machine, making more modifications on it, and tries to use it himself. However, Dylan’s modifications cause too much pressure and cause the Food Machine to get out of control, the Dalmatians now seeing the hose as some type of Dragon. Dawkins rushes in to give Dylan a Mop, to fend off the Hose Dragon, while he rushes to the machine to turn it off. When he does, the hose lands on Dylan, tangling him up in it.

Dawkins then proceeds to nudge the bowl to Dylan and launch some Kibble, which bounces off Dylan’s nose and in to the Bowl.


  • This marks the first Short to have actual words of dialogue in it, out side of the grunting noises of the other Shorts, with Dawkins saying; “But” & “Oh, Yeah!?”.