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101 Dalmatians - Surf Puppies

"Surf Puppies" is one of the musical numbers from the movie version of the 101 Dalmatians: The Series multi-part episode, "Dalmatian Vacation". The number takes place during the beach scene in the "Dalmatian Vacation Part Two: Cross Country Calamity" chapter of the video.

The song was written by Randy Petersen and Kevin Quinn, and was performed by George Mirrell and Dean Torrence. It was included as Track 20 on the album The Music of Disney's One Saturday Morning.


Time to hit the surf, ride the wildest waves
On the ugliest board in the USA
Jeff and I were shootin' the curl
A pack of pups in a hurricane whirl
Well, they shook the shore to a screamin' screech
I think they're takin' over the beach (1-0-1)

Surf puppies 1-0-1 (1-0-1)
Hangin' fun in the summer sun
Catching' rays, and diggin' the scene
It was a real pooch party if you know what I mean

There was howlin', and growlin', and plenty of canine fun
With those far out, farm fresh, surf puppies 1-0-1

They were slurpin' sodas, chompin' roasted wienies
And playin' tug-o'-war with spring bikinis (yeah)
All their tongues were saggin'; they were drippin' drool
And their tails were waggin', tryin' to keep it cool
They were scratchin' fleas and fetchin' sticks
And hangin' out with strangest chicks (1-0-1)

Surf puppies 1-0-1 (1-0-1)
Gettin' goofy where the groyne run
There were doghouse castles in the sand
Becomin' one with the sun 'til their tails do tan

They were hot-spotted, tops, havin' fabulous furry fun
Those far out, farm fresh, surf puppies 1-0-1
Those four-footed, fun-lovin' surf puppies 1-0-1


  • Sebastian from The Little Mermaid makes a cameo in which he pinches a puppy's tail.
  • Dean Torrence, possibly of Jan and Dean fame, is one of the singers of song. The song itself may also be an homage to one of his songs, "Surf City".