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101 Dalmatians: The Series

Voice Actor(s)

Frank Welker

I promise I won't eat you.

Steven is an alligator in 101 Dalmatians: The Series, and one of Swamp Rat's henchmen. He often wears a straw hat and a purple scarf. He is voiced by Frank Welker.


Steven lives in the swamp that borders the Dearly Farm. Despite the fact that he seldom leaves the farm, he has proven time and time again that he is a force to be reckoned with whenever creatures do venture into the swamp, though Steven has been known to leave the swamp if he has a good reason. Due to his fierce nature, Swamp Rat often hires Steven along with Cydne in order to intimidate people into seeing things his way, though Steven enjoys helping his boss out because he realizes that he'll get the chance to devour some creatures in the process his number one target is Spot.

Steven can sometimes be seen wearing a yellow straw hat and a long purple scarf, the latter of which originally belonged to the Colonel, however, it was stolen by Swamp Rat, who sold it to Cydne, who sold it to Steven.

Throughout the series, the Dearly Dalmatians encounter Steven several times and he's typically an enemy of theirs, though he is quite capable of helping them out if he believes doing such would be in his best interest. Such cases are in "Two for the Show", where he volunteers to be Lucky's partner so they could participate in the Squeal of Fortune show, and also in "Oozy Does It", where he chomps down a tree causing Cruella's pollution to segue into an animal-made trench leading straight to her, so she would not pollute Hiccup Hole. In "Walk on the Wild Side", he poses as "Mr. Big" in Rolly's plan to get everyone's loot back from Swamp Rat, possibly due to the fact that he got to eat the real Mr. Big as a result. He did promise Rolly to get on the straight and narrow in that episode, however, it is unclear if he truly does.

Even though he's capable of resisting most injuries that animals attempt to inflict on him, Steven is quite weak to verbal insults, especially taunts, as he has been known to lose his composure, such as when Vendella de Vil insults him through claiming he's going to be turned into a handbag or a suitcase, which is a running gag relating to Steven that takes place throughout the series. Despite his abilities, Steven is content serving as Swamp Rat's second hand man, for as long as he has creatures to eat and peace to himself, he'll be able to live a happy life.