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"101 Dalmatians: The Series" Episodes: "Shipwrecked", "You Say It's Your Birthday?", "Valentine Daze", "Dalmatian Vacation, Part III - Dearly Beloved"

Voice Artist

Tom F. Wilson

Starbuck is Captain Ahab's first mate Skipper. He often suffers from seasickness.


Whilst being Captain Ahab's main, if only, crew memeber, Starbuck isn't really that bothered with Ahab's hunt for the Great White Whale. He's possibly more level headed than his Captain because of this.

He tends to have an obsession with his Pants, commenting that to be one of the reasons he refuses to sail in a Storm. He later mentions his Pants in "You Say It's Your Birthday?" after Spot causes the boat to make a full 180 turn.

Apparently, Starbuck's biggest fear is Cruella, screaming like a little girl the moment he lays eyes on her. Cruella on the other hand makes any attempt she can to flirt with him, Starbuck always trying to find an excuse to get away from her.

In "Valentine Daze", Cruella suspects that Starbuck sent her a Valentine. When she goes to see, Starbuck cowares in fear behind Captain Ahab, whom is keeping Cruella at bay with a shark jaw, she however realises it isn't him when Ahab points out that Starbuck is only in love with himself.

He however arrives in "Dalmatian Vacation" as one of the Men who wish to marry Cruella.


Starbuck is see wearing either a Blue and White striped top or a Red and White striped top.

His Character, along with Captain Ahab, are most likely taken from the Herman Melville Novel; Moby Dick.