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"Southern Fried Cruella" is the second segment of the fifth episode of the first season of 101 Dalmatians: The Series.


Cruella makes her latest plans using the means of pollution, by being given responsibility of the farm while Roger, Anita, Pongo and Perdita are away and fooling the landlord into allowing her to build factories around the farm.


  • This episode claims that Nanny has raised Anita since she was a baby.
  • Horace and Jasper's attire is dark gray in this episode instead of their normal colors.
  • Horace and Jasper's singing telegram is to the tune of "Camptown Races".
  • Nanny's sister is called "Franny".
  • There appears to be only one kennel in Gruteley.
  • Wild Bill Spotley's name may be a likely homage to Wild Bill Hickcock.
  • Wild Bill Spotley's market, "Spot Mart", may be a likely homage to K-Mart.
  • Cruella also orders out for food in "Every Little Crooked Nanny" when she is disguised as Cranny to find who Anita's "royal clients" are.


  • In one scene, Pongo's ears appear white.