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Season 1, Episode Short 4
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"Ransom Pups" is the fourth 101 Dalmatian Street short.


Clarissa Corgi takes Dolly's Rubber Chicken Hostage, and Dolly wants it back!


Clarissa is in her Garden, practicing her singing. However, her howling is so loud, not only does her Human, Hugo, put on some ear muffs, but Dolly can hear it from the Dalmatian’s Gardens, trying to use a Rubber Chicken to cover her ears.

Dolly then gets an idea, and throws the Chicken at Clarissa, which lands in her muzzle. While Dolly laughs about this, Clarissa sends a Box to Dolly and inside the box is the leg of her Rubber Chicken!

Dolly sees Clarissa with her Chicken, and climbs in to Clarissa's Garden to get it back. Clarissa, however, begins roasting the chicken on a barbecue. This leads to Dolly threatening the Topiary of Clarissa with some sheers. Clarissa then ties a balloon to the Chicken, causing it to float in to the air, before she fires staples at it to burst the balloon, causing the Chicken to land in some Honey, before it gets attacked by Bees.

Dolly then proceeds to ct some of Topiary, leading to Clarissa throwing Gardening Tolls at the Chicken on a Target, causing Dolly to ct more of the Topiary, leading to Clarissa putting the Chicken on a rack, which in turn leads to Dolly cutting more on the Topiary. Clarissa then attempts to launch the Gardening Tools at Dolly, but she now arrives in a Bull Dozer, driving towards the Topiary.

The Bull Dozer leads to Clarissa to giving Dolly the Rubber Chicken back, but as Dolly is heading back to the Dalmatian’s Garden, she realizes that Clarissa has taken the other leg of the Chicken.

The two charge towards each other, but their collision causes them to get stuck in the Honey, together, with Hugo beginning to sing now, as Bees surround the two Canines.