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Ralphie St. Lowrent is the owner of a fashion company that rivals Cruella's company. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


He has made numerous appearances in 101 Dalmatians: The Series, like "Robo-Rolly", "You Say It's Your Birthday", "Valentine Daze," and "Dalmatian Vacation".

In all but one of his appearances, he wears a light beige jacket and sports a head of golden hair. In those appearances, he spoke in a deep American accent.

However, when he appeared in "You Say It's Your Birthday", he seemed older with grey hair and a darker grey jacket whilst speaking with his voice sounding a bit higher and possibly British.

In "You Say It's Your Birthday", he greets Anita as she shops for party supplies, making Cruella think Anita is moonlightning. He does ask Anita when she would stop working for Cruella and come work for him, but Anita says she can't since Cruella have her start.

Anita did work for Ralphie for a short duration after Cruella fired her, and he immediately called up, offering a job. This, however, was in fact planned by Cruella, for Anita to work at Ralphies and then send a Robot Duplicate of Rolly to steal all the Lowrent designs.

In "Valentine Daze", upon recieving a valentine that Roger made for Anita, Cruella thinks it's for her and tries to find out who sent it. She confronts Ralphie, thinking it's him, but he notes since they're business rivals; it would be unethnical to like her.

However, in Part 3 of "Dalmatian Vacation", he appears as one of the men who wants to marry Cruella.