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101 Dalmatians Animated Storybook Sing-A-Long (Puppies, Oh, Puppies Music Video)

"Puppies, Oh, Puppies" is a villain song from the 101 Dalmatians: Animated Storybook PC game. It is sung by Horace and Jasper as they are searching for the puppies to capture them on page 5.


Puppies, oh, puppies
Now don't you go hide
How would you all like to go for a ride?
Far from old London
To someplace that's new
Lost of excitement and fun things to do

Have any treat
'Cause there's all-you-can-eat
And it's free, yes, siree!
Get ready for fun, everyone
If you'll just follow me

Puppy dog darlings
Now don't you look back
Come here to Jasper and climb in his sack
We'll show you a world
That you've not seen before
And what an adventure
Is waiting in store

It's all so exciting
And yes, we're inviting you, too
Lucky you!
We're Jasper and Horace
All puppies adore us
Let's sing one more chorus

As we gather the puppies
Like cute little guppies
And take them away!