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Professor Farzboom






102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue

Voice Actor(s)

John Short

Professor Farzboom is the secondary antagonist of 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue. He is Cruella's trusted scientist responsible for engineering the dognapping of 98 puppies (excluding Oddball and Domino). He met Cruella on a dating site and calls her his darling, much to her annoyance.


Before the events of the game, it is suggested that Cruella and Professor Farzboom have begun dating, if they are not yet married. They may have also met by Internet dating, as Cruella sometimes refers to Farzboom as her "Dot Com Darling".

At the start of the game, Professor Farzboom is told by Cruella to initiate Plan B since her robotic toy sales are failing. He sends out an army of the robotic toys to capture puppies and pack them in crates to be taken to the toy factory. He also builds a small helicopter for Cruella which fails to help her attack Oddball and Domino at Big Ben.

After Cruella's first defeat at Big Ben, she asks Farzboom if his supergloop formula is ready. He shows a bucket of it stuck to his right hand as he tells her it needs improvement. He then builds her a speedboat armed with a tomato cannon (which he claims to be his best invention ever), but her attack is thwarted by Oddball and Domino a second time.

After her humiliating defeat, Farzboom shows his supergloop formula, which he intends to use to coat the captured puppies in his dipping process. Frozen in supergloop, they would make realistic animal toys for Cruella's toyline.

As Oddball and Domino infiltrate the toy factory, Cruella uses the newly built supergloop cannon and Farzboom activates it. After she falls into a pool of supergloop, the two puppies give the professor a fright when he tries to help her out, causing him to fall in the gloop with Cruella.

Eventually, the police arrive at the factory and retrieve both Cruella and Farzboom and take them to a prison cell (still covered in supergloop). Much to the woe of Cruella, Farzboom tells her that the supergloop would wear off in 20 years, which is the same amount of time as their prison sentence.


  • Robotic Toys - Intended for toy sales, which failed miserably. Were then reprogrammed to capture and attack puppies.
  • Small Copter - Found in the level "Cruella I". Armed with a tomato cannon. It has a weakness of nearly falling apart when Big Ben's bell tower rings.
  • Supergloop - A very sticky glue-like substance. Intended to coat the puppies to turn them into life-like toys. Takes 20 years to disintegrate.
  • Speedboat - Found in the level "Cruella II". Armed with a tomato launcher on each side.
  • Supergloop Cannon - Found in the level "Cruella IV". Works with a pump and shoots out globs of supergloop. It is connected to eight computers.
  • Energy Cannons - Found in the level "Cruella IV". Shoots energy beams.
  • Sound Lab - Playable in the minigame "Jam Dance". Mixes music with sound effects.


Farzboom has a cheerful personality and is extremely devoted to Cruella, taking the frequent criticism given to him by Cruella in stride. He is enamored with Cruella and is very subservient to her. Despite his pleasant demeanor, he doesn't have any reservations about Cruella's cruel scheme for the puppies.

He also appears to be rather sensitive about his name, as, during the instructions for the checkers minigame, he repeatedly asks the player to not make fun of it.


  • Farzboom's submissive relationship with the bossy Cruella is reminiscent of Cruella's unnamed husband in the novel. Like Cruella's novel husband, he has a meek demeanor and supports Cruella's cruel hobbies.