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Playful Melody

"Playful Melody" is a song that is considered to be the theme of the animated 101 Dalmatians. It is heard in multiple parts of the film.


While the song in the film is not shown to have any lyrics, there were actual lyrics written for the musical piece. While some of these lyrics are shown in the "Pop Up Trivia Facts" on the 101 Dalmatians DVD, the full lyrical version can be heard on the Disneyland Records reading of 101 Dalmatians.


All of the bells in the town are ringin'
Say can't you hear all the people singin'
'Cause of the way that band can play that playful melody
Oh how your happy feet will wander
Onto the dancin' floor down yonder
When they play that playful melody

Happy as you are
Find a little star
Place it in the sky above
Make it big and bright
And its shiny light
Has to light the night for those who fall in love
You'll see a field full of leaf clover
Your happiness has to bubble over
'Cause of the way the band will play that playful melody

'Cause of the way the band will play that playful melody


  • According to the Disneyland Records reading of the song, Rolly claims that the piece is composed by Roger.