101 Dalmatians soundtrack

One Hundred and One Dalmatians is the soundtrack to the 1961 animated Disney film of the same name. The songs were written by George Bruns and Mel Leven.

Track listing

Track number Song title Composer/Performer Length
1 Overture George Bruns3:09
2 A Beautiful Spring Day George Bruns3:14
3 What's All the Hurry / A Perfect Situation / Stir Things UpGeorge Bruns3:18
4 Cruella De Vil (for the animated film 101 Dalmatians) Mel Leven5:03
5 Don't Worry, Perdy / The Puppies Are Here / Lucky How Marvelous / Not One / A Bloomin' Hero George Bruns4:07
6 Ol' Thunder Always Wins George Bruns2:46
7 Kanine Krunchies (for the animated film 101 Dalmatians) Mel Leven0:30
8 Bedtime / An Evening Constitutional / A Job To Do / They're Gone! George Bruns3:10
9 Dognapped! / Anita Darling / What'll We Do? George Bruns3:06
10 All Dog Alert George Bruns0:57
11 Sergeant Tibb's Recon / Cat Casserole George Bruns1:35
12 Can You Leave Tonight? / Arduous Trek / Any News, Colonel? / I Want the Job Done George Bruns3:56
13 Pulling a Snitch / Big Hullabaloo / Battling the Baduns George Bruns3:51
14 My Darlings / 99 / Better Be Off / Fire One / All Clear George Bruns3:36
15 Through the Snow / ShelterGeorge Bruns1:55
16 I'm Hungry / Get Some Rest / Back on the Road / Spotted! George Bruns3:13
17 Dinsford / Cruella / A Roll in the Soot / To the Van / It Can't Be / Crazed / You Fools! George Bruns5:19
18 Puppies Everywhere George Bruns2:02
19 Dalmatian Plantation (by Mel Levin)/Finale George Bruns / Mel Leven0:57
20 Cruella De Vil - Nonsense Version (Demo) (for the animated film 101 Dalmatians) Mel Leven0:50
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