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101 Dalmatian Street
Season 1, Episode Short 1
Air date December 12, 2018
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"Merry Pups" is the first 101 Dalmatian Street short. It aired on December 12, 2018, and was first uploaded on the Disney Channel Deutschland Youtube Channel.


Can Dylan protect the presents this Christmas from the prying paws of Dolly, Dizzy and Dee-Dee?


Dorothy finds her Christmas present and begins to tug on the ribbon. She is stopped by Dylan, however, making sure she waits until Christmas Day to open it. Dolly is watching, however, and plots with Dee-Dee and Dizzy to get the present.

Dorothy heads to bed and Dylan begins his guard duty of the presents, but he then builds a watch tower out of them. Dolly sends Dee-Dee and Dizzy to run distraction, but this leads to Dylan setting up a trip wire of bells, to act as an alarm. Dolly is able to dodge the bells, however, Dee-Dee and Dizzy get caught. Dolly is able to use this to get in to the tower, while Dylan is trying to discipline the two.

Dylan realises Dolly is in the tower, and the two battle each other for Dorothy's present. Their fight causes the tower to collapse and get Dolly & Dylan tangled up in the Christmas Tree with Dee-Dee and Dizzy. Dorothy's Present falls from the ladder, and just narrowly misses getting crushed by it...before getting struck by a random bolt of lightning, causing it to become just the ribbon sitting in a smoldering pile.

The next morning, Dorothy comes down stairs, with Dolly, Dylan, Dee-Dee and Dizzy (who are still Tangled in the tree) concerned about how she is going to react to what happened to her present. Forunately, it turns out that Dorothy just wanted to play with the ribbon, much to the others' relief.