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"March of the One Hundred and One" is a deleted song from 101 Dalmatians written by Mel Leven. The song was originally produced to be sung by Pongo, Perdita, and the puppies. The song begins after the Dalmatians escape Cruella and board the van heading for London. The song ends as Cruella catches up to the van.


Pongo: Well, kids, we're finally off to London

Pongo and Perdita: Riding along like bloomin' millionaires

All: Just the chauffeur, not even to stop for tea
And we'll be home in plenty of time to trim the Christmas tree
Soon, we'll be seeing the sights of London
Once we're there, we'll never leave

Give three cheers for you and a bark
We'll be back in lead guitar
This joyful Christmas Eve
London is just around the corner
This way, our term is such a treat...