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Madeline de Vil is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She is the mother of Cruella de Vil. She debuts in the eighteenth episode of the fourth season "Sympathy for the De Vil", with her only appearance.


Madeline and her husband had a daughter named Cruella whom they thought as disturbed. Madeline one days hears a thud in the parlour room where her husband is having tea and discovers that he has died from a heart attack. Fearing that this would have an even worst affect on Cruella's already disturbed mind, she goes and in her room to comfort her, expecting to see her seeing her crying, but instead, she sees a hint of a smile on face. Madeline assumes that she is imagining it, but discovers trumpet flowers on her table and realizes that Cruella had poisoned her own father. Madeline chooses not to go the authorities, but decides to keep her close thinking that she can fix her. When Cruella tries to escape, Madeline send her trained dalmatians to bring her back and locks her in the attic. Madeline later remarries twice and Cruella kills her next two husbands too.

Years later, she goes in Cruella's room and discovers her listening to a radio. She realises Cruella stole and decides not to let her go outside anymore. Cruella begs her to give her permission to leave the house just once but Madeline refuses. A man then come and knocks on the door. He reveals that he is a reporter, but Madeline gets rid of him. When she discovers Cruella is missing, she uses her dalmatians to track Cruella and finds that she was with the reporter (Isaac) last. She tells him about Cruella's troubled mind and how she is a murderer but he doesnt want to believe this and tells her to go. Before she leaves, she warns him of Cruella's violent nature and tells him to stay away.

She returns home and sees Cruella. Madeline commands her Dalmatian to attack Cruella, but Cruella uses her newly found powers to control her mother's Dalmatians and commands them to kill her.