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The portrait painting of Lord de Vil

Lord de Vil is the late founder of the De Vil family for years, one of Cruella de Vil's ancestors.


The first De Vil owned Hill Hall at Withermarsh, in Suffolk, that was originally going to be a castle and was built in 1898, later abandoned in 1920. Backstory suggests that he rented it to build it into a castle, but it is said to have gone mad before it came to fruition. Word says that when a mob came after him, he took off into the night with some claiming he had taken the form of a demon.



Animated films[]

De Vil seal

The devil seal of the De Vil family

In One Hundred and One Dalmatians, he only appears as an elderly mustached gentleman in a portrait painting inside the Hell Hall's living room. Jasper throws a dart that lands on the portrait of "His Lordship", as he called him with Horace, right on his noise.