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London is a heavily populated city and the capital of England and Great Britain. It is also the home of Roger and his wife Anita, as well as Pongo, Perdita and their puppies in the 101 Dalmatians franchise. Various parts of London are shown during the Twilight Bark section as the Dalmatians spread the word about their kidnapped puppies.

It also plays as the primary setting for 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure.

Notable Locations[]

In the novel and animated films, the Dalmatian's house is located near Regents Park, which is where Pongo gets Roger and Anita to meet in the animated films.

However, in the live-action films, the park that Pongo gets the two to meet is St. James Park, after a chase through Trafalgar Square and Oxford Street.

In Patch's London Adventure, it is shown that Lars, the artist, lives in a warehouse flat where his studio is set up.

In the live-action film, the House of DeVil (Cruella's fashion house) is set up in London (which uses the Minister Court as its exterior appearance).

In 102 DalmatiansChloe's office is located in the building opposite of Big Ben, and when the chimes cause Cruella's therapy to revert, she visions all of London in Dalmatian spot colors.

The Second Chance Dogs Home is stationed in London, similar to Battersea Dogs Home in which Cruella's fortune is given to when she is arrested again.

In The Starlight Barking, Sirius gathers the canines together in Trafalgar Square and addresses them from the top of Nelson's column.

Video Games[]

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Regents Park in Disney TH!NK Fast

London is home to a number of early levels in 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue.

Domino and Oddball make their way through Regents Park (helping a squirrel named Fidget and getting Jasper attacked by bees), a toy market (with help from Sgt. Tibbs), Picadilly Circus (trapping Horace down a manhole with help from Fidget), up Big Ben (with help from Yvonne the bat), contacting the "Twilight Bark" (after defeating Cruella at Big Ben), helping Fluffy return some artifacts at the Royal Museum (trapping Le Pelt in the Egyptian exhibit), and pacing through the London underground rail system with help from Chester, a rat hoping to become a stock broker.

Regents Park itself is also one of the locations in Disney TH!NK Fast, which the players can choose to play in. Here, Lucky stars as a guest host to ask questions about the animated 101 Dalmatians.