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Lieutenant Pug




Dog (Pug)


101 Dalmatians: The Series

Voice Actor(s)

Jeff Bennett

Today's survival mission is one that you'll remember for the rest of your dog days!

---Lieutenant Pug, 101 Dalmatians: The Series

Lieutenant Pug is a dog in 101 Dalmatians: The Series who is in charge of training the cadets. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


Lt. Pug is the commanding officer in charge of the Bark Brigade, though this is due to the fact that the other available officers capable of running the Bark Brigade have reasons that prevent them from doing the job. While the Bark Brigade hasn't been too large, it received a sudden boost to membership when Roger and Anita Dearly moved in with their 101 Dalmatians, which left Pug with the task of forging them into proper cadets and instilling in them the knowledge they'll need to survive in the world. However, he prefers to do such in a fashion that berates the cadets, as he has a personal fear of having his authority being questioned, so he scolds his cadets at every chance he gets in order to remind them who is in charge. Despite his many flaws, Pug does his best to make the Bark Brigade as efficient as possible and he has the respect of many individuals on the farm, though his cadets often disrespect him due to the fact that he’s unnecessarily harsh towards them during the Bark Brigade training sessions.

However, Lt. Pug does have one innate flaw that jeopardizes his future in the Bark Brigade and his chance for advancement: he has an innate fear of cats. Due to the fact that he was abused by a large cat, Persian Pete, when he was a child, Pug believes that all cats are the enemy and that they're secretly working together to plan an invasion that would result in all dogs being enslaved. Pug has included this fear in his Bark Brigade instructions, as he wishes to train his cadets to be ready for the day when the cats invade, though the Dalmatians think he's crazy, especially since a cat serves as an officer in the Bark Brigade and he has earned the trust of the Dalmatians. Pug also suffers from narcolepsy and he often falls asleep during important situations, or when he's in the process of scolding his cadets, though he tends to wake up from these stints after several minutes. Pug refuses to put up with nonsense and despite the fact that he's paranoid and overly harsh, whenever there is a problem on the Dearly Farm, the citizens know that they can rely on Pug to get things sorted out.

Pug has a stuffed rabbit named Private Bunny that acts as security measures to him; if anyone messes with it, Pug will take action. A running gag throughout the series is Pug mispronouncing the Dalmatians' names.