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Dog (Airedale terrier)


101 Dalmatians (1996 film)
101 Dalmatians: Animated Storybook

Voice Actor(s)

Corey Burton (Animated Storybook)

Kipper is a brave Airedale terrier from the 1996 live-action film 101 Dalmatians.


101 Dalmatians[]

Kipper is first seen when he hears Wizzer barking from inside Horace Badun and Jasper's parked truck after the Baduns had dognapped Pongo and Perdita's puppies earlier, when they had gone for a walk in the park with Roger and Anita, leaving them unprotected. Later, when Horace and Jasper lose the puppies, Fogey (the Colonel), while asleep in the barn, is awakened by Punch (the Captain), who was the first to receive the Twilight Bark message about the stolen puppies. Fogey then barks an urgent message which is received by Kipper. He then travels to De Vil Manor, where he manages to rescue Pongo and Perdita's puppies (along with 84 more that Horace and Jasper had bought from a pet shop) by dropping them down a duct on the manor's roof.

In the "novelization" of the film, when Kipper leads Wizzer to the duct, he is caught by Jasper, who then kicks him off the roof of the manor. This may explain why Kipper, when he appears later, seems to have a limp (along with what Jasper is doing on the roof when Cruella arrives).

In the film's climax, Lucky is seen still trapped inside De Vil Manor, due to him being asleep during Kipper's escape plan. Shortly after, Mr. Skinner, Cruella's furrier, arrives at the manor and notices Lucky. When Skinner attempts to grab Lucky, Kipper arrives (limping, having been pushed off the roof by Jasper) and attacks Skinner by biting him on the rump, thus saving Lucky, and the police later arrive to arrest Skinner. Kipper is last seen arriving with Lucky, whom he brings back to Pongo and Perdita. Pongo then barks at Kipper to thank him for saving the puppies, to which Kipper barks in reply to say, "You're welcome." 

101 Dalmatians: Animated Storybook[]

Kipper also appears in 101 Dalmatians: Animated Storybook. This time, he speaks and is voiced by Corey Burton. He is seen for two challenges. One challenge is "Break the Secret Code" in which the player helps Kipper get into De Vil Manor. The other challenge is "Find the Puppies" in which the player and Kipper need to look around De Vil Manor for clues as to where the Dalmatian puppies may be hiding.

He is also seen in the barn, where Pongo and Perdita notice the Dalmatian pups before Cruella arrives.


  • He is named after the character from the eponymous children's TV series, and on that show, Kipper is voiced by actor and comedian Martin Clunes.