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Kevin Shepherd is a character in 102 Dalmatians. He is the owner of "Second Chance" and the boyfriend of Chloe.


102 Dalmatians[]

Kevin works at the Second Chance animal shelter and is friends with Waddlesworth, Drooler and The Gang. He is first seen playing tug-of-war with Drooler. However, when Kevin seems close to winning the match, the dogs mount up to have Drooler win, with Drooler himself shaking his slobber onto Kevin. He later meets Chloe and introduces the dogs to her, claiming that they have been able to help find homes for most of the dogs who arrive at Second Chance.

Later, Kevin tries to ask Chloe on a date, and Waddlesworth realizes that he needs a little nudge, so after Kevin saves Oddball, who nearly fell out of an office window, and Chloe asks if there is any way she can say thanks, the macaw intervenes and suggests dinner. Chloe and Kevin then eventually go on their date.

Kevin later gets set up by Cruella who spent community service at Second Chance. She is able to trick the authorities by framing Kevin for the puppynappings and collect the fortune. Fortunately, Kevin escapes from prison with Waddlesworth's help, and he later meets up with Chloe. They learn that Cruella is headed to Paris and decide to follow her. However, they are soon captured by Cruella and imprisoned in her fur coat factory.

However, Alonzo, Cruella's former servant who helped with the theft of the puppies, decides that he doesn't want to work with Cruella anymore and reforms by helping Chloe and Kevin escape. Near the end of the film, Chloe and Kevin receive an $8,000,000 paycheck from Alonzo for the dog shelter - on the judge's orders, all of Cruella's money had gone to the dogs' homes of the borough of Westminster - of which "Second Chance" was the only one. Kevin then notices a few spots on Oddball's body before realizing they seem to be real, and he and Chloe congratulate Oddball for this.


  • Kevin was created solely for 102 Dalmatians and has no animated counterpart.