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Jimbo is a circus elephant calf who was left behind in the 101 Dalmatians: The Series episode "He Followed Me Home".


Being part of the circus, Jimbo accidentally gets separated from the circus troupe when their train temporarily breaks down, and Jimbo sneaks out to eat some of the flowers. The train departs not realizing Jimbo is outside, with this upsetting Jimbo.

The elephant then follows the scent of peanuts to the Dearly Farm, where Rolly has a bag of them. Lucky decides to adopt Jimbo, but the Dalmatians need to keep him hidden, as Cruella found a clause in the deed to the Dearly Farm, stating that the Dearlys cannot have more than 101 pets.

Jimbo, being an elephant, has a large appetite and practically eats all the hay inside the Dearly Farm barn, including Rolly's secret stash. The Dalmatians then disguise him as a Dalmatian when Cruella sneaks around the farm trying to find the elephant, whom she thinks is Roger's.

Jimbo then playfully jumps into the pig pen, accidentally landing on Mayor Ed Pig. This incident leads to the Dalmatians giving Jimbo a bath, but they accidentally use up all the hot water just as Roger is about to take a shower himself, so Jimbo hides behind the shower curtain and uses his trunk as a showerhead.

Later, Jimbo's hat gets caught in the wind and lands on top of the Chow Tower, causing Jimbo to climb up after it. When the Dalmatians warn Jimbo about the height, Jimbo panics and lands on top of the Dalmatians with his hat.

It is then when Cruella catches them, and just as she is about to threaten the Dearly family, the circus troupe arrives, who had been looking for Jimbo, and take him back home to the circus in their helicopter.


  • Jimbo is a likely homage to the Disney film Dumbo, who is also an elephant in the circus.