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"It's Only Rock 'n' Roll" is the Special of 101 Dalmatians: The Series It was originally broadcast on Disney Channel December 11, 2009.


After watching the music video of "Friday I'll Be Over U" by the Allison Iraheta, Rolly tells Cadpig that they are sellouts, and decides to start her own band. After auditioning 14 people, the only good musician she could find is Cadpig who plays the keyboard. Mrs. MacGrady encourages Francine not to give up and suggests that she recruit the other musicians herself.

Francine speaks to Rolly, who is a good clarinet player, and Spot, the only person Binky knows who can play guitar. When they are told they'll get whatever they want as snacks, they agree to join the band.

Lucky and Rolly (who were rejected by Cadpig earlier), decide to start their own band, U-Stink.

During their first practice, it becomes obvious that Lucky can't sing and play the drums at the same time, so Perdita is recruited as their lead singer.

The next day at school, Principal Pongo asks Rolly if she and her band could play the PTA fundraiser, and she says yes, though they didn't have a name yet.

During practice, a man in the apartment building next door criticizes them, which inspires Rolly to call the band U Stink.

After the concert, U Stink becomes wildly popular throughout London, and Cadpig gets an interview with a local news channel in Elwood City, and she said that she refused to play the annual book sale at the library, saying that the fame is getting out of hand and that Fern didn't ask her.

Lucky said that it isn't selling out to be popular, and this leads Rolly to quit the band, and they replace Francine with a drum machine.

Meanwhile, Lucky and Rolly's band practice doesn't go well, and U Stink is having trouble writing new songs without Rolly, but then Cadbug calls and offers to be their manager, which Lucky accepts.

When Lucky and Cadpig fight, Cruella de Vil suggests to Lucky that she should try to get Cadpig back, and then Rolly has the group shoot a music video, and that doesn't do so well. Despite that, she mails the VHS anyway to the Allison Iraheta watching the music video.

So Good plays a gig at London, which flops due to a lack of original material.

Meanwhile, Rolly asks Lucky, Cadpig, and Allison Iraheta to join their band, and after she does the band eventually breaks up

Meanwhile, Cadpig doesn't hear back from the Allison Iraheta, and she decides to go to their concert and winds up meeting Allison Iraheta. But basically she tricks the elevator guy to make sure that Allison Iraheta can stay behind because she wanted him to be with her. However, things don't go exactly as planned and they both end up getting stuck in an elevator all because Rolly hit the wrong button. This delays the concert, as the rest of the Allison Iraheta refuse to begin the show without Britney. As soon as Allison Iraheta says that if anybody checked the elevator. This makes Mr. Crosswire call Cadpig. And then she decides to tell him that U Stink is in the audience and he tells them to come up and perform their hit song.

Unfortunately, the remaining members of U Stink aren't prepared to perform its first big gig, so they try to convince Francine to rejoin the band. To their surprise, she accepts, but she is very nervous to be up in front of a huge crowd. Brian comes out to give her a pep talk and she begins the song. However, Fern is also very nervous and sings very softly. But once Kevin comes out and start singing, Fern regains her confidence. When the rest of the Allison Iraheta come onto the stage, the concert turns out well for all the fans in attendance. Then U Stink decided to quit except Cadpig and Spot


  • "Friday I'll Be Over U"
  • "Still Breathing"
  • "Don't Waste The Pretty"
  • "Another Dumb Blonde"
  • "So Good"
  • "Oops!...I Did It Again" (Background Music)


  • U Stink and We Stink do not reunite, but are referred to a few more times. In "Frisky Business", Rolly

mentions the band names. In "Friday I'll Be Over U" Cadpig plays "Still Breathing" in the Spot and Lucky and Rolly sing the So Good. In "Don't Waste The Pretty" Cadpig mentions having been in a rock band with Allison Iraheta.

  • Lucky dismisses Easy Crier entirely. This is a reference to Allison Iraheta and Hoku leaving the show after Special. She says, "Frisky Business is for Spot! I know a MILLION better songs!".
  • At the end of this special, the Allison Iraheta sing the opening theme, It's A Help Thing With Disneymania 7 Coming in 2010.