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101 Dalmatians 2 Patch's London Adventure -- I See Spots (English) 1080p

"I See Spots" is a song from 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure. It was written and composed by Roger, who is seen playing it on his piano before he, Anita, and their 101 Dalmatians move to a farm. Roger claims that his song has reached the tops of the charts. This piece also includes a reprise of "Dalmatian Plantation".


Spots, I'm seeing spots
Everywhere I'm seeing lots
Of those tiny little dots
Yes, it's true

They're on the beds and the cots
In the pans and the pots
And they've left little spots in the loo!

Anita (spoken):
Roger, are you packing or playing?

Roger (spoken):
I'm playing at packing, dear!

Anita (spoken):
Well, quit fooling around. We're moving first thing in the morning!

I see spots on the walls
In the rooms, in the halls
On the floors in the drawers
Yes, I do

And every morning when I rise
and I open up my eyes
I am taken by surprise
'Cause instead of seeing skies
I see lots of little spots

Spots, spots, spots
Everywhere on the beds and the cots
On the walls
In the rooms and the halls

Anita (spoken):
Oh, Roger!