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"He Followed Me Home" is the first segment of the second episode in the first season of 101 Dalmatians: The Series.


When a circus elephant gets loose and winds up on the Dearly Farm, the pups must hide it from Cruella at all costs otherwise, violate their only 101 pets rule on the farm's deed and have the Farm become Cruella's property.


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  • The elephant, Jimbo, is a possible homage to the character Dumbo, with the train serving as Casey Junior.
  • Roger tries to get "My Little Aquarium Pals", a possible homage to the "My Little Pony" line.
  • According to the deed of the Dearly Farm, outside of animals already on the farm, the Dearlys are only allowed to have 101 pets.
  • The scene with Jimbo on the Chow Tower is a likely tribute to the well-known scene from the King Kong films.
  • Cadpig is able to float on a bubble.
  • This is Spot’s first speaking role.