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Gieldgud is a minor character in 101 Dalmatians: The Series who only appears in the episode "Lucky to be Alone". He is Coco and Beamer Vandercream's butler, and while he talks to them and Lucky, it is unknown if he really understands what they say.


When Lucky first arrives at the Vandercreams' mansion, Gieldgud shows himself, seeing Lucky is another pup for dinner.

Aunt Coco describes Gieldgud to be "ever so well-trained" and that "he does everything." She also praises how he makes the best kibble cocktails. When Lucky gorges himself on the kibble, Gieldgud can be seen raising an eyebrow to this.

When Lucky visits the dog park, Sha-Sha and Clyde suggest they play disk toss with him. Lucky then sees the high-class canines getting their humans to throw the disk and catch it themselves, as Gieldgud does.

Gielgud also shows surprise when the Dearlys come to bring Lucky back to the Dearly Farm.