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"Frisky Business" is the first segment of the twenty-eighth episode of 101 Dalmatians: The Series.


When Lucky, Cadpig, Rolly and Spot attempt to steal Cruella's car in order to drive to a Kanine Krunchies tasting party in Stiffle, Roger becomes worried because Cruella is visiting the farm to ensure Roger isn't stealing anything. Nanny and Horace go on a road trip to find the Dalmatians and bring them back, but will they get back in time before Cruella notices her car is gone?


  • When Thunderbolt introduces himself in the "Kanine Krunchies" advertisement, he barks it in a similar style to how James Bond introduces himself.
  • Spot claims you need transportation to get to Stiffle, though in "Mall Pups", they are able to get there somehow (though it is possible they hitch a ride on a vehicle in the episode).
  • We learn that Nanny's brother is a cop in this episode.
  • This is an episode that shows Horace has feelings for Nanny.
  • Although Swamp Rat and Cydne are both villains as usual in this episode, so are the four protagonists for stealing Cruella's car.
  • Swamp Rat wears some attire in this episode.
  • The duck that the Dalmatians nearly drive into makes a Donald Duck noise.
  • Cadpig refers to grand theft auto, either the normal crime or a possible homage to the video game line of the same name.
  • Spot makes a sarcastic comment when she refers to Lucky as Christopher Columbus.
  • While Lucky is driving, he says "I'm an excellent driver." This is a line from the 1988 film Rain Man.
  • Roger is able to play "This Old Man" to more than a thousand verses.
  • Roger apparently had his appendix taken out, but got to keep a large piece of it.
  • Gruteley seems to have a Rattlesnake Road, though Horace claims there to be road near it, too.