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"Frisky Business" is the first segment of the twenty-eighth episode of 101 Dalmatians: The Series.


When Lucky, Cadpig, Rolly and Spot attempt to steal Cruella's car in order to drive to a Kanine Krunchies tasting party in Stiffle, Roger becomes worried because Cruella is visiting the farm to ensure Roger isn't stealing anything. Nanny and Horace go on a road trip to find the Dalmatians and bring them back, but will they get back in time before Cruella notices her car is gone?


Lucky, Cadpig, Rolly and Spot are watching Thunderbolt's Kanine Krunchies on TV.

Unfortunately, they are caught by Roger, who chews them out for stealing Cruella's car rather than borrowing it. He then states that borrowing involves consent and agreement, which doesn't mean Cruella can lend them her car. Cadpig wonders what Roger is mad about.


  • When Thunderbolt introduces himself in the "Kanine Krunchies" advertisement, he barks it in a similar style to how James Bond introduces himself.
  • Spot claims you need transportation to get to Stiffle, though in "Mall Pups", they are able to get there somehow (though it is possible they hitch a ride on a vehicle in the episode).
  • We learn that Nanny's brother is a cop in this episode.
  • This is an episode that shows Horace has feelings for Nanny.
  • Although Swamp Rat and Cydne are both villains as usual in this episode, so are the four protagonists for stealing Cruella's car.
  • Swamp Rat wears some attire in this episode.
  • The duck that the Dalmatians nearly drive into makes a Donald Duck noise.
  • Cadpig refers to grand theft auto, either the normal crime or a possible homage to the video game line of the same name.
  • Spot makes a sarcastic comment when she refers to Lucky as Christopher Columbus.
  • While Lucky is driving, he says "I'm an excellent driver." This is a line from the 1988 film Rain Man.
  • Roger is able to play "This Old Man" to more than a thousand verses.
  • Roger apparently had his appendix taken out, but got to keep a large piece of it.
  • Gruteley seems to have a Rattlesnake Road, though Horace claims there to be road near it, too.