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"Food for Thought" is the second segment of the fortieth episode of 101 Dalmatians: The Series.


Rolly's desire for ice cream gets him captured by P.H. De Vil, who wants him to try out his new ice cream with helium inside. However, the helium eventually takes effect on Rolly and inflates him into a balloon.


He puts Rolly on a scale. He wents to gets ----, while Rolly looks up a scale. Then the arrow of the scale went down. Puzzling Rolly, he began to floated up. Then he looks up and see Rolly who has become a balloon.

Ballooned Rolly shouted to wait for him.


  • If helium had been inhaled by an individual, it would have altered the voice pitch (possibly like a chipmunk), but it doesn't affect Rolly's voice in the episode.
  • This is the first episode where Pongo has a stern character, i.e, telling Rolly that he, along with Perdita, should ground him after lecturing him for eating too much.
  • "Food for Thought" is the one episode with religious references, as Cadpig mentions gluttony as one of the "seven deadly sins" and threatens to violate the other six on Rolly. Unfortunately, this includes one sin that mayn't be family-appropriate.
    • Also, besides gluttony one deadly sin, Rolly would have committed another greed.