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102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue

Voice Actor(s)

Melissa Disney

Fidget is a squirrel and a friend and ally to both Oddball and Domino in 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue.


Fidget got her name from her mother because she never stopped moving. She is highly familiar with the area of Regent's park, where she lives and helps Oddball and Domino to get Jasper out of the way. She suggests they lure him under a beehive in a tree. The two puppies successfully bring him under the beehive and Fidget tells them to make Jasper dizzy. It works and causes him to strike the beehive and the bees drive the dognapper away. Fidget finds this pretty funny. She then asks Oddball and Domino to help find her lost favorite nut. She cannot get it herself because her mother won't let her wander from their tree. The two puppies get the nut back and return it to her. Grateful for the return of her nut, Fidget rewards them with bones.

Despite not being allowed to wander from home, Fidget later appears in Piccadilly Circus. She advises Oddball and Domino to follow the double decker bus to get to Big Ben and in the next square, how to activate a secret on a pillar, and how to access manholes. Halfway through the level, she explains how Professor Farzboom's puzzle works. After that, she tells the two puppies a plan to trap Horace down a manhole into the open sewer, which works.


  • Although she shares the same name as the Dalmatian puppy, she has no relationship with him.