El Diablo is a character from 101 Dalmatians: The Series appearing only in my "My Fair Moochie".


According to the episode he is the toughest dog in the world. When Cadpig told Mooch not to fight El Diablo Lucky, Rolly, and Spot tried to train Mooch but they got beaten up by Cadpig. On the day of the match they saw that El Diablo was little. When Mooch told him that he would not wrestle him El Diablo got mad and tried to find someone else to fight. Lucky took Mooch's place and tried to fight him but he got beaten and kicked out of the arena. Then Rolly tried but he also got beaten and kicked out of the arena. When it was Mooch's turn he tried talking to him but it didn't work and he also got beaten. Cadpig was angry and beat El Diablo with her tail and was delcared the winner. Mooch asked Cadpig on another date, but it turned out that Cadpig was only using him so he could become a better person and then dumped him, making Mooch upset. Later, Cadpig went out with El Diablo and did the same thing she did to Mooch.

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