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101 Dalmatians: The Series

Voice Actor(s)

Christine Cavanaugh

Dumpling is a female pig in 101 Dalmatians: The Series who lives on the farm. She has an unrequited crush on Lucky. She was voiced by the late Christine Cavanaugh.


Dumpling is Mayor Ed Pig's daughter, though since her father is the mayor of the Dearly Farm, she is used to having things always go her way. She is a very spoiled child who was always told that everything she did was right, though her father also ensured that she had all the luxuries a young pig could want while growing up. Due to her pampered treatment, Dumpling is overweight for her age, though Mayor Ed Pig assures her that such is actually a good thing and she takes pride in trying to become the biggest thing on the farm, especially since there is an annual contest on the subject each year. Despite the fact that Dumpling is a girl of simple pleasures, as she merely enjoys eating and lying down all day, there are instances where she succumbs to boredom and she longs for real friends to hang out with, since most of the denizens on the Dearly Farm can't tolerate her. However, she has sometimes shown to have a crush on Lucky, and Rolly once did fall in love with her, though she didn't prove to be too interested in him until he started being his normal self, though aside from that fact, the Dalmatians haven’t expressed much interest in ever actually associating themselves with Dumpling. This rejection bothers Dumpling, though she soon comes to realize that being the daughter of the mayor is the only thing she needs, in which she takes great pride in the fact and is usually always by her father's side.