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Rhashan Stone

Doug is a character from 101 Dalmatian Street. He is an American Dalmatian who moved to London to become a firefighter dog. It is there he met and married Delilah, a descendant of Pongo and Perdita. The two also have a large litter of puppies from previous marriages which, when combine together, make a total of ninety-nine.


Doug is a regular in the series; while he works all day as a fire dog, his eldest pups, stepson Dylan and daughter Dolly, watch over their miscellaneous younger siblings.

In the episode "Dog's Best Friend", Doug returns home from night shift before he gets glomped by the puppies. He tries to get some sleep but is woken from the sound of a Human, which Dee-Dee and Dizzy adopted for Dylan. He tries to tell Dylan what a big responsibility a human is, but gets trampled when he mentions the park. Later, when the food machine is out of control, Doug tries to keep the situation calm but gets covered by bowls and kibble. Doug then advises Dylan on what to do about the Human they have adopted.

In "Boom Night", Doug helps fit earmuffs on to the other pups during the titular event to protect her children from the disruptive sounds before she and Doug head to their respective jobs. Doug himself is the one more anxious of himself and Delilah, about the night, vocally questioning why the Humans do it every year. Before he heads to work, Doug gets tearful and calling for a Group Hug from all the Pups. He is later seen, in a Fire Truck, howling in rhythm to the siren, where he almost notices Dolly and Dylan outside.