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101 Dalmatian Street

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Ella Kenion

Delilah is a character from 101 Dalmatian Street. She is a British Dalmatian who is a descendant of Pongo and Perdita. She is married to an American Dalmatian called Doug. The two also have a large litter of puppies from previous marriages which, when combine together, make a total of ninety-nine.


Delilah is a regular in the show; while she works as a nursing dog at a London hospital, her eldest pups, stepdaughter Dolly and son Dylan, watch over their miscellaneous younger siblings. She appears to be the more level-headed one out of her and Doug, knowing how to easily handle having such a large litter of Pups, likely due to coming from Pongo and Perdita's side of the family. When she sees a swarm of pups coming her way, she knows how to dodge the wave so she does not get completely trampled.

In the episode "Dog's Best Friend", she is first seen having just woken up and wishes luck to Dolly and Dylan with their housework before heading to work herself.

In "Boom Night", she helps fit earmuffs on to the other pups during the titular event to protect her children from the disruptive sounds before she and Doug head to their respective jobs. Delilah informs Dolly that it is the busiest night of the year for her and Doug and will leave the safety of her children in her eldest's paws.