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Rhys Issac-Jones

Dawkins is a Dalmatian puppy who appears in 101 Dalmatian Street.


Dawkins is a puppy genius and very creative. He is the inventor of the many devices, which the Dalmatian family use about the house. He sometimes acts as Dylan's sidekick (sometimes seeming underappreciated) and, being the most sensible of the pups, is left in charge, whenever both Dolly and Dylan are occupied elsewhere.

Dawkins does not show too much emotion but he LOVES his space doll: "Princess Positron! So DO NOT mess with the doll!"


Dawkins first appears in "Dog's Best Friend", where he informs the audience that the Food Machines are on meltdown, after Mister Fuzzy causes them to go crazy, when he tries to use them.

He can also be seen with the other pups, watching the fireworks, in "Boom Night".

His first prominent role is in the short "Target Pups", where he works with Dylan making modifications to the Food Pump, as well as testing the aim on them.

In "Power to the Puppies", Dawkins act as the moderator during Dolly and Dylan's debate for who should be Top Dog.

In "Walkies on the Wild Side", while Fergus is teaching Dylan how to unleash his inner wolf, Dolly is left puppy-sitting alone. Dawkins tries to help and advise her during this, but she ignores his suggestions, before leaving him in charge, when she goes searching for Dylan.

In "Winter Funderland", Dolly comes to Dawkins to help her make Snow in the house. He shows concern at first, but is convinced when Dolly suggests there can be pioneering data he can gather from doing so. Later, after the two have made the house like a Winter Party, Dylan recognizes Dawkins' guilty look and he admits that Dolly made him do it. Things begin getting very cold and Dolly needing to restore heat to the house. However, the house is still wet and Delilah and Doug are close to the house. Dawkins suggests that since they used the heat to turn the ice into water, they can increase the temperature to turn the water into steam, which works and makes their parents think the pups made a Tropical theme Party. In the same episode, Dawkins admits his nose chafes easily.

In "Snow Day", when Doug dresses up as the Hat Reindeer, Dawkins tries to tell Doug that they know it's him, only to have a hat put on his head.

Dawkins, for unspecified reasons, refers to Doug by name rather than as "Dad" or "Father". The most likely reason being is that it is implying he comes from Delilah's side of the family and isn't very close to Doug as a parent.