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Dalmatian Plantation

"Dalmatian Plantation" is a song in One Hundred and One Dalmatians and 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure (mixed in with "I See Spots") by Roger Radcliffe and Anita Radcliffe. Disney Studio Chorus also covered "Dalmatian Plantation" on the 2008 CD 101 Dalmatians and Friends. This CD is available on Amazon.com.


Original version[]

We'll have a Dalmatian Plantation
Where our population can roam
If this new location
Our whole aggregation
Will love our plantation home
Dalmatian Plantation home!

Alternate version[]

This version can be heard on the Disney Read-Along 1982 and 1990 book-and-tape editions of the story.

Dalmatian Plantation, so peaceful and proud
Blue skies and green meadows, no worries allowed
Dalmatian Plantation, good living in view
All hearts are contented with a dream come true

Oh, I love this place for its lazy pace
And its welcome on the door
For 101 different reasons
And soon there'll be more

Our searchin' is over, no more will we roam
Dalmatian Plantation is home sweet home

CD version[]

This version can be heard on the 101 Dalmatians and Friends CD.

We'll have a Dalmatian Plantation
Our own little place with a view
The peace and the quiet
We'll identify it
As our little dream, that's come true!

Imagine that rustic location
The hills and the evergreen trees
And meadows of clovers
To run on over
As free as the pine scented breeze

We'll snuggle close in the evening
In the glow of burning logs
And all night long
We'll hear the song of crickets and frogs

And there, we will grow and we'll prosper
And never again will we roam
Can't wait to begin our
Sweet living that's in our
Dalmatian Plantation home!

We'll have a Dalmatian Plantation
Dalmatian Plantation, I say
Our life-long vacation
Complete resignation
To sweet relaxation and play

With all of our remuneration
Our station seems truly sublime
And that my vocation
I'll feel inspiration
With no obligation to time

I'll know we'll find consolation
In our new location, dear
And tails will wag
Within this aggregation, dear

With hearts full of pure jubilation
And no provocation to roam
We'll spend life's duration
Among vegetation
Around our plantation home
Dalmatian Plantation home!