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Maxwell Apple

D.J. is a Dalmatian puppy who appears in 101 Dalmatian Street.



D.J. is a Dalmatian who likes listening to music, as he is seen wearing headphones almost all the time. He also likes playing music using whatever objects he can find as instruments.

Physical appearance[]

D.J. is a Dalmatian puppy with all black ears that have a single white spot on both of them that resemble headphones and two spots on his left eyebrow. He wears red headphones and a red collar with a black square dog tag with a white spot on it.


D.J. first appeared in "Boom Night" at the very end of the episode, relaxing on the roof and watching the fireworks with his siblings.

D.J. also appeared in "Winter Funderland", entertaining guests at the indoor snow party by playing icicle drums with two soup ladles.

In "Poetry Scam", D.J. Can be seen playing some bongos, while Dylan recites his poem, and can also be seen dancing as Dolly does her free style.

In "Crushed Out", D.J. provides the music on a keyboard, for Dylan's date with Portia the Poodle.

His first vocal appearance is in "The Woof Factor", where Dolly and Dylan come to him, looking for a third pup to help fill in for Triple-D in an advert, as the actual Triple-D are double booked. D.J. is unable to as he is planning on busking in Covent Garden.


  • D.J.'s name obviously comes from the slang abbreviation of "Disc Jockey", a person who introduces and plays recorded popular music, especially on the radio or at social gatherings such as parties.