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Cruella's Cat is a white Persian who appears in the The Hundred and One Dalmatians novel and The Starlight Barking, as well as appearing in an early draft script for the animated 101 Dalmatians film.


Originally owned by Cruella, she was only kept around by Cruella due to how valuable she is. She would often find herself having litters of kittens with a London stray being the father; however, Cruella would always drown them.

When the Dearlys went over to Cruella's place, they discover that the cat followed them home; however, while getting some food for her, Pongo's barking seem to spook her off.

When the Dalmatians return to London after escaping from Hell Hall, she finds the Dalmatians and together they get revenge on Cruella by attacking her wardrobe.

Some days later, she comes to inform the Dalmatians on how Cruella has fled to France, and when the Dalmatians express pity for her husband, she assures them he was just as bad as she was.

The Dearlys then adopt Cruella's cat.

Animated 101 Dalmatians[]

Cruella's cat was planned to have appeared in the animated 101 Dalmatians film by Disney, and does appear in an early draft of the script by Bill Peet; however, her role was cut from the film, possibly to give more focus on the story.

Pongo and Perdita were supposed to meet her when Cruella invites Roger and Anita to her home, where the feline warns the Dalmatians that Cruella is in the fur business.

She is also adopted by Roger and Anita, and is seen sitting with Sergeant Tibbs when the Dalmatians and humans move to the country.

In the draft script, she is given the name Felicia.


  • Cruella's Cat is named Felicia in the early draft for the animated 101 Dalmatians. The name would later be used by another Disney feline who is Ratigan's cat in The Great Mouse Detective.