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101 Dalmatians: The Series

Voice Actor(s)

Tress MacNeille

Cornelia is Spot's mother in 101 Dalmatians: The Series who dislikes her doglike antics and is sometimes not very comfortable with Spot mixing around with the pups. Also, Cornelia often makes Spot babysit her friends' eggs. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.


Cornelia is one of the most distinguishable hens on the Dearly Farm, though she is also bossy. She is well known because of the fact that her eggs are typically the largest amongst all the hens on the farm, so she’s come to be idolized due to her innate gift. However, Cornelia also serves as a leader figure amongst the hens and she often makes decisions for the entire coop, though there are some in the coop who disagree with her, especially since they feel she couldn't even raise her own daughter into a proper chicken. Cornelia usually ignores their comments, though despite the fact that Cornelia tolerates Spot's desire to be a dog, Cornelia actually agrees with the hens and she wishes Spot would stop being foolish and behave like a proper chicken. However, she has decided to permit Spot to continue behaving as she has in order to make her happy, though she has set some rules and guidelines that Spot must follow, such as how she must learn some skills that she'll need when she gets older. In her spare time, Cornelia enjoys clucking mindlessly with her fellow chickens and she gossips with some of the other animals around the farm, such as Lucy, as well as Princess and Duchess; though at the end of the day, Cornelia's just happy to sit in her coop with her eggs, as she believes a chicken's duty is to produce the best eggs that one possibly can.