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101 Dalmatians: The Series
Descendants: Isle of the Lost

Voice Actor(s)

Rob Paulsen

Cecil B. de Vil is Cruella de Vil's brother from 101 Dalmatians: The Series. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen.


101 Dalmatians: The Series[]

Cecil makes television commercials and refers to Cruella as "Sister" in the episode "Coup DeVil", but in the same episode he refers to Malevola de Vil, Cruella's mother, by name rather than as "Mother." This could suggest that Malevola is either more of a distant relation, or that he has a strained relationship with her. Cecil appeared in two TV series episodes:

  • "Prima Doggy", where Cecil did not have the typical De Vil half black/half white hair and where he wasn't really evil. Cecil holds an audition for the new "Kanine Krunchies" commercial, where he eventually reveals that he wants a "natural" dog for the role and unexpectedly casts Lucky (who had fallen into Cecil's lap) as the spokes pup, after seeing how natural a dog he is. However, he was so fixated on getting the perfect commercial that he made Lucky go through 400 takes, until Lucky, stuffed from eating, hesitated to eat the kibble, so Cecil fired him and hired Spot to star in the "Chicken Flavored Kanine Krunchies" commercial.
  • "Coup DeVil", where Cecil had the typical physiognomic details of the De Vils and where he was really evil. Cecil tries to destroy the Dearly Farm for Malevola using an inflatable monster piloted by Horace and Jasper. This plan failed when Lucky placed a pin under its foot, causing it to pop and shoot around (propelled by the escaping air) as far back as over Cruella's trailer.

Descendants: Isle of the Lost[]

Cecil may be imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost as Carlos mentions his cousin Diego de Vil; however, Diego could be the son of another one of Cruella's siblings like Ivy is.

Notable Works[]

  • Toosy Cooshy Toiler Paper Extravaganza (Notable for his Salute to Toupie)
  • Rosy Tosies (Raised Foot Oder to an Art Form)