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Cave Pup (or C.P. for short) is a prehistoric canine who only appeared in the 101 Dalmatians: The Series episode "Jurassic Bark".


Cave Pup was discovered frozen in ice by Lucky when he was burying his bones and fell into an ice cavern. Cruella and  P.H. de Vil also fall into the cavern, where they find C.P. as well. P.H. de Vil estimates that he is more than 10,000 years old. Cruella sees this as a promotional opportunity, while P.H. de Vil wishes to distract C.P.

When Lucky tries to get out of the ice cavern, he accidentally causes a piece of ice to fall and smash the ice that C. P. is in, revealing he is still alive.

While the Dalmatians try to find a way to communicate with C.P., Rolly is able to do so via the "language of food."

Cadpig feels that C.P. needs to blend in, and when the Dalmatians try to wash him, he only winds up dirty again.

When Lucky barks at C.P. in anger, C .P. thinks that means they are not friends, and thus willingly goes with Horace and Jasper when they arrive to capture him.

At the Gruteley Museum, Cruella is prepared to unveil C.P., but the Dalmatians are able to get into his cage and free him. Lucky then apologizes to C.P. before they make their escape.

Back on the Dearly Farm, Spot tells the others that the Barking Chain was able to track down some of C.P.'s relatives (a million times removed), who are happy to take C. P. in. C. P. thanks Lucky for teaching him about friendship and promises that he'll be back.


  • C.P. is shown to demonstrate great strength, being able to throw heavy objects with ease and capable of wrecking a tractor.
  • C.P. has two toes on each paw, while the Dalmatians have normal paws as P. H. de Vil notices.
  • C.P. is similar to Bubba the Cave Duck from DuckTales, as both are prehistoric characters who find themselves in a modern setting, and both have similar sounding voices.