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Dog (German Shepherd)


101 Dalmatians: The Series

Voice Actor(s)

Jeff Bennett

Blaze is a German Shepherd puppy who only appeared in the 101 Dalmatians: The Series episode "Dog's Best Friend". He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


Blaze is first seen when Roger is showing him to Anita, supposedly having found him lost and wandering about. He is impressed by the numerous tricks that Blaze can do, such as fetching, balancing Anita's cup of tea on his nose, and playing dead. However, Anita then suggests that they find Blaze's real owner, to which Roger eventually complies but hopes that nobody claims him.

Within a couple hours of staying on the Dearly Farm, numerous rumors from Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig and Spot are spread about Blaze, such as him being a police dog or a Mafia dog laying low. Blaze jokes about this, acting like he's a genetic cyber dog.

When Lucky asks Blaze about where he's really from, Blaze claims that he was separated by his human when they were sailing down the Amazon, but their boat was capsized by a giant anaconda. Blaze then claims he hitched a ride on a supply plane back to America.

Blaze's story makes Cadpig believe he is a world traveler, with Blaze claiming he herded camels in Egypt, fought bulls in Spain, and searched for the yeti in the Himalayas. He also claims to know a pair of partying poodles in Stiffle.

Lucky takes fondly to Blaze and lets him teach the Dalmatian pup the Tibetan art of "Kung Chu". Blaze and Lucky later go hiking together.

Blaze, however, has a bitterness towards Thunderbolt, claiming he was up for the role of "Young Thunderbolt", but Thunderbolt decided to play the role himself. This is the reason that Lucky ends up accusing Blaze for breaking his Thunderbolt autograph (when it was really an accident caused by Rolly).

His falling-out with Lucky causes Blaze to run away, but Rolly is able to catch up to Blaze and save each other from a collapsing bridge. Rolly then explains to Lucky what happened to his Thunderbolt autograph, and Lucky apologizes to Blaze.

It is then that Blaze's human shows up, where it's revealed that Blaze has never been outside of Stiffle, with Blaze admitting all his adventures are actually from him watching a lot of animated shows.


  • Based on what his human's name is, it is likely that Blaze's surname is Swanson.