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Baron von Schnickerdoodle
CP (67)


Efrem von Schnickerdoodle






101 Dalmatians: The Series ("Cupid Pups" & "Dalmatian Vacation")


Owner of Schnitzel Conglomerate
Member of Talley Ho Club

Voice Actor(s)

Harvey Korman

Baron Efrem von Schnickerdoodle is a millionaire whom Cruella is determined to marry. He only appears in "Cupid Pups" and the third part of "Dalmatian Vacation".


He first appears in "Cupid Pups". According to Cruella, Baron is the owner of a large schnitzel conglomerate in the world, and that he lives in a castle along the Rhine.

He is a fox hunting enthusiast, claiming to have met his previous three wives on fox hunts. He likes to keep on a tight schedule, such as tea, a ten-kilometer run, more tea, rigourous exercise, and tea. Some qualities that he admires in a woman is always being one step ahead of him, or knowing her way around a radish.

When the Dalmatians are able to gather the Dearly Farm animals to have a fox hunt with livestock, Baron loves the idea and enjoys the hunt. However, he is injured and placed in a full body cast in doing so, to which Nanny takes care of him while he's in the hospital.

Despite Cruella and Angelica trying to woo Baron, he falls for Nanny ever since he tasted her boiled radish in pickle sauce. He then proposes to Nanny, but she declines, reminding him that she needs to take care of Roger, Anita, and the Dalmatians. He is understanding to this, but asks if she could boil him some radishes for the journey home, to which Nanny does.

He later appears in Part 3 of "Dalmatian Vacation" among those who wish to marry Cruella, though this time his uniform is scarlet instead of white.