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Disney Yearbook; "The Doubting Dalmatian"


Anita (Niece)

Aunt Ida is an American Aunt to Anita, whom comes and visits in the Disney Year Book Story; “The Doubting Dalmatian”


Like Anita, Ida had Red like Hair. Amongst her attire, she is seen to wear a Rain Coat and Hat, along a blue scarf and Wellington Boots. Underneath that, she wears a Pink Dress. She also seems to wear blue ear rings.


Ida arrives, sometime before the original Pupnapping, during the night where Roger, Anita, Pongo & Perdita were away on a Camping Trip.

Before she arrives, Nanny and the Puppies were watching (presumably) a Sherlock Holmes movie, on the television and are spooked when they hear a knock at the door. Nanny lets her in and she explains that she wrote to Anita about the visit, Nanny offers to make her a Cup of tea.


Ida Arrives in the Story

Lucky, Patch & Rolly feel suspicious on her, Possibly due to them watching the Detective Show before hand, and think she's a Sneak Thief. Amongst their evidence there’s the point that she claims to sent a post card which No Pup can find, she claims to be American; but her clothes don’t seem to be, along with her Suitcase with only a London Travel Sticker on it.

Upon spending all night outside her room, Pongo & Perdita return home and tell the Pups that she actually is Anitas Aunt. The reason her clothes and bag were England made was because she had only just purchased them. They assure the Pups it’s okay to be cautious but not to jump to conclusions.

When Lucky questions what happened to the Postcard, Rolly is able to tell what it was like to a tee and confesses he ate it.