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102 Dalmatians: Activity Center is a Disney Interactive PC game released in February 2001.


Have a howlin' good time with Disney's 102 Dalmatians! Disney Interactive's 102 Dalmatians: Activity Center brings the beloved new generation of puppies to life through lots of spots of game play experiences that have something for everyone - arcade action for fast-paced fun logic games to challenge your wits and creative activity to let your imagination run wild. Activities include virtual adopt-a-puppy. Choose an adorable pup to be your companion as you tour international parks from London to Tokyo! Chow Time. Race to feed all 102 hyperactive and hungry puppies before they mob the kitchen! Operation: Dalmatian. Gather clues from the Parisian Twilight Bark gang to help find the stolen puppies! Main Map. Utilize the main map to access different activities identify local monuments and learn fun facts! Verdogo in Le Pelt's bakery. Save all 102 puppies from Cruella and her evil gang by using different weapons like frosting butter or the jelly squirter. Product features. Choose from four adorable virtual puppies to be your companion at international parks. In the pup art gallery, you can make works of art with both classical and contemporary creations. Get clues from the Parisian Twilight Bark gang to find the stolen puppies! In Le Pelt's bakery you must help Oddball collect all the puppies before the evil Cruella, Alonzo, or Le Pelt capture her. Race to free all 102 hyperactive and hungry puppies before they devour the kitchen in Chow Time.