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101 Dalmatians III: Live For Music is an TV Movie sequel to the animated Disney Channel Original Movie One Hundred and One Dalmatians, starring the voices of Martin Short, Kath Soucie, Samuel West, and Barry Bostwick. It was Premiere on July 23rd 2021.


Dalmatian's rodent population is being Live For Music by a vicious night monster, and Patch's spending many sleepless nights worrying about his family's safety. In search of a little reassurance, Patch accompanies his sister, Perdita, to her job at the local newspaper. What he gets instead is an assignment to accompany the fearless reporter Perdita as she delves into the story.


  • Ruby Barnhill as Patch
  • Samuel West as Pongo
  • Kath Soucie as Perdita
  • Isabella Abiera as Lucky
  • Lily Sanfelippo as Cadpig
  • Eli Russel Linnetz as Rolly
  • Moneca Stori as Anastasia


Released On June 22nd 2021

  • "I'm Still Me" (performed by S-Club 7)
  • "Spinnin' Around" (performed by Jump 5)
  • "Get The Fact"
  • "Crash" (performed by The Cheetah Girls)
  • "The Siamese Cats" (performed by Hilary & Haylie Duff)
  • "Revenge"
  • "Smile" (performed by Vitamin C)
  • "Who Will"
  • "Goodnight & Goodbye" (performed by Jonas Brothers)
  • "You're the One" (performed by LMNT)
  • "Supersition" (performed by Raven Symone)
  • "Can You The Feel Tonight" (performed by Sara Paxton)
  • "The Answers To Our Life" (performed by Backstreet Boys)
  • "I'll Try" (performed by Jesse Mccartney)
  • "Dalmatian Plantation"
  • "Can't Help Falling In Love" (performed by A*TEENS)

Bonus Track


  • Movie References Of Double, Double Toil and Trouble And The Goonies
  • TBA